Do you know the one thing that all successful brands have in common? STORYTELLING But Why? 1. People connect with people more than facts and figures.
2. Stories keep us interested and focused despite the short attention spans.
3. Unlike facts, human brains remember stories better, making them more memorable.
4. Increases credibility by relating to your previous customers.

Over the years, numerous studies have found that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than by reciting cold, hard facts.Here are a few iconic examples.
Do you remember Bunty ka saboon slow hai? Bunty, a character from an old Lifebuoy France - Unilever Handwash ad, has been trending on social media for years after the commercial was released. The young scout, who was played for laughs, told his mates that one should wash one’s hand for a full minute to ensure it’s germ-free. His friends who used Lifebuoy Handwash, which supposedly did the job in 10 seconds, ridiculed him for his “slow” soap.
Do you remember aaya mausam thande thande dermicool ka? Who can forget the sound of Kailash Kher’s soulful voice singing “aaya mausam thande thande dermicool ka”? Growing up, no matter how hot it got, whenever you feel hot during summer one of your friend must have said one, aaya mausam thanda thanda dermicool ka! This is how Emami Ltd's dermicool rocked the market.
Now name a snack that is available to you in 2 mins. Maggie? Right? This is how Nestlé positioned itself in the Indian Market, where there was a culture of Dal-Roti. ‘Maggi 2-Minute Noodles’ were introduced by a commercial in which the child says, ‘Mummy bhook lagi hai’, and the mother says, ‘do minute’. The jingle of the ad film goes by, School se aate, dhoom machaate, ek hi baat hai dohraate, Maggi, Maggi, Maggi.
The other example is DOVE, Inc.Dove's Real Beauty Campaign was launched in 2004. Globally the campaign provoked raw and emotional responses, challenging the stereotypes in the personal care industry. Dove empowered people by using positive, realistic body type examples of women. The campaign was successful in changing women's warped perception of their beauty. This was all made possible through the connection they were able to build using STORYTELLING.
Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow a business to create stronger emotional bonds with its customers. Storytelling is a business house's best medium for showcasing its brand motive, product or service.