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It was 2012 when BBC published an article with the headline, Is AI possible? But today, in 2023, we can see that Metaverse has taken its place not just with AI but by using AR and VR technology.
Let's talk about how the future of advertising would look like in Metaverse. Well, it's still being speculated on how exactly it would look, but everyone has their own set of points to put on it. According to research, India is one of the major players in driving Metaverse to the next level. Since the time Facebook changed its name to Meta and how Meta has revealed AI projects aimed at building the Metaverse.
Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms today. Based on the content available on the Internet, we will discuss how businesses might create and run ads on Metaverse. We have recently seen how brands have started using Metaverse for their brand awareness and advertising. From Hershey India making Hersheyverse to ENO taking Metaverse to celebrate its 50 years in India. Brands have always invested their Marketing and Advertising Budget in a place where they get attention. Before Television became a household thing, traditional marketing like billboards was used, then with the rise of digital work, brands started investing in digital advertising. Now Metaverse is becoming an excellent tool as the major advertiser Facebook has started working on the Meta world. Advertising budgets are used in places people spend time or talk about. According to data available on the internet, it is said that people will spend more time on Metaverse because of the increase in toxicity and manipulation of facts on Social Media.
What we know is that Metaverse will be a digital world. A brand can immensely use this for branding. Imagine now, when you click on an Ad you see on any platform, you click it and land on their social media or website. What if you click and you can use the product?

Digital Strategy Digital Strategy

What Meta would look like is when you login and, you will be able to see your online friends just like you see them as an avatar which they create now for Snapchat Map, you will have the 3D layout of the area you wish to visit, you can go anywhere digitally on Metaverse. Now when you go to a place in the real world, you see ads, skip them, or if you are interested in them, you visit their website. What if, in Metaverse, you see the ad, click on it, and can experience it?
Imagine a real estate ad, you click on it, and you can now experience the 3D layout of the property. You can visit each corner of the property through Metaverse. A car company ad on Metaverse where you can get the test ride of the car or see the interior of the car, you can experience its features while sitting in the comfort of your home. Not just this, brands can do much more. Brands can host an event on Metaverse and hire avatars of celebrities who can promote their business or product. Now that we know that companies like Facebook and Google know our online behavior imagine in Metaverse. These companies can know much about your reactions and what kind of food and clothes you prefer. If we liked an avatar's attire and turned our head, they will have this data too, which might be the advanced detailed targeting. Brands can keep track of everything, and data will be the most powerful tool to give you what you like.
Today we know many companies are working on Meta Projects, but Facebook (Meta) is one of the most anticipated.
Brands will have to buy slots for online events, and will have to get slots for ads on Metaverse because brands through Metaverse cannot just influence you but can give you a real-time experience with their products and services.