Meme marketing is essential for increasing engagement. And this is the reason every marketing team has incorporated it into their content plan. Nowadays, most brands know the importance of keeping up with the trends. One such trend is meme marketing. The Social Media Strategy of Netflix is great. It generally makes memes from its own content. Netflix has received a great engaging profile which has helped them grow organically. The main source of their great social media engagement on a daily basis is just through meme-based content. With the wide range of content they have, they produce meme content according to the ongoing trend. When we think of ordering online food, Zomato is the first name that pops up in our mind. This is because the food brand has left an ever-lasting impression on consumers minds. If we see Zomato's Social Media Accounts, the delivery brand is now known for producing engaging memes around relevant topics which is designed in a way to make it relevant to their business. Through Meme Marketing, they have created a new genre, food humor. But making an engaging meme has its own set of difficulties. How then can marketers get beyond those difficulties? What are the meme marketing dos and don't? How can you utilize meme marketing to build customer loyalty?

Let's understand this.
For a start, we have a few starter pointers of dos and don’t for you. ∙Keep it short and crisp ∙Avoid outdated memes ∙Keep it humorous ∙Do in-depth research on current trends ∙Be the change on an ongoing viral meme
A well-designed meme can create a lot of buzz for a brand but if done wrong, it can portray the brand in negative buzz. There is no rule book for Meme Marketing but there are a few tips.
1. Understand your audience, brand and trends Well this is an old saying in Marketing to understand your target audience but it is essential. By knowing what your audience is searching for on the Internet, not only can you hop for popular trends that you can ride on with your meme strategy, you can better understand your audience’s sense of humour. The selling point for memes is that they should be funny, witty, and relatable.
2. Test your meme before uploading it Before releasing your content on your social platforms, you should try to enagage with it. Show it to your colleagues or friends and cross-check with their responses. You are good to go if you are comfortable with the response and their feedback.
3. You are making a meme, not an ad Always design memes with an idea of making it entertaining. Making it a meme ad will turn off the audience with the actual consumption of that meme. Design it in a way where you can make your audience share it and ultimately enhance your brand awareness.

Now the question arises, how can you create a meme? We have added a few points on how you can uplift your business with these meme styling ideas.
1. Text with Image One of the traditional meme styles, top-and-bottom text meme are instantly recognizable and are super versatile to consume by internet users.
2. Image Images are a great way to express what your message is. This is easily shared by the audience if they have a good hook to capture eyeballs.
3. Videos Like the image-based memes where text is almost always placed on the image, videos can speak for themselves. They go viral because the video clip itself are so delightful and are easy to understand.

It is true that online memes are an important for communication when it comes to branding. Memes can unite us and divide us, it's just you need to design it consciously. This is where we come in picture, we are a marketing and advertising agency who create engaging content for brands.